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So is there any difference when playing in chosing one main or another? If there are can you guys explain wich one might be the best one to chose, i dont care if one is easier, i plan on staying and i want to be eficient from the start. 2nd thing i wanted to ask is i heard the game isnt really a pay to win where you can buy directly characters with gold or thats just rubish? (im pretty sure i will pay but i dont like games where the only way to get some characters is paying)
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fire... easy to play.
and yes. is p2w game.
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1. If you are new then I suggest you play fire or lightning.
Fire : strong early game, great at mid game and become a support late game at lv 80
Lightning : decent for early game, strong mid and late game after unlock root of warrior

2. Well you can call it p2w if you want because it will take you months or years to get a character that people pay to get it instantly.
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I agree with the person above...
Lightning seems to be really nice
and Fire though I haven't had too much time to play with seems pretty good to start off with as well.
Azure is decent but Fire and Lightning seem to be better to start with.

P2W in the sense that if you want a certain ninja the moment it is can see yourself spending more than just $50-$60 for lol. I suggest buying ingots and trading them for coupons under the Hot Topics icon as well as just saving coupons you get and ingots go at 1:1 basically worth the same.

Ninjas keep being released through events again and again if you don't want to toss out $100 an event or c*ways just go with the events up until you feel like you want to buy one.
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Lightning dominates all over classes on a new server till about lv 55 then fire becomes strongest wind becomes completely obsolete and earth becomes way better with shield but not as good as fire. Water really needs more ninja but can be good later on.
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thanks for the answers, i will go with fire or light then. About the p2w i see its only a way to get things faster and easy so its not a big deal, and i c*ways pay for something very op. Will start on next new eu server if anyone joins there !
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Good luck and have fun :lol
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