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[ Help ] a question about immobile


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hi and let's go. ;P

so, before i ask my question i want to share about my knowledge (which can be wrong) about sleeping which have similar result as immobile.
both sleeping and immobile make you unable to do cast mystery, launch standard attack, and do chase.
if you sleep or immobile a ninja after he/she do standard attack, the debuff (sleep/immobile) will carry on to the next round.
the difference is a sleeping enemy will wake up if attacked by taijutsu attack while immobile did not.

in my experience, if my fire main is move 3 stand infront of enemy earth main in move 1 (enemy have no healer or debuff clearer), i am sure that earth main will sleep for the rest of the day. since my FM sleep EM after EM do standard attack in the first round.

if i inflict enemy ninja A near the end of round 1 with immobile, this immobile debuff will carry on to the next round (round 2).
my question is, since sleep and immobile have similar trait, if i cast immobile on A near the end of round 2, will the immobile debuff carry on to the next round (round 3)? or A will have no immobile debuff at the start of round 3?

Note : consider control never miss

please give me an insight.. XD
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Control can and does miss actually. Most people just have really low control (found in the main character details), so they're easily controlled. As for the rest of you're stuff, I was wondering the same thing earlier.
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You pretty much answered your own question, I think. Just like sleep, it all has do do with whether the debuff hit before or after their turn. Round doesn't matter. So if you immobile them before their turn, they will be up and ready the next. If you do it after their turn, they will miss their next turn/round. The way to look at it is, immobile will make them miss one standard move/attack unless removed by a healer/debuff remover.
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The Way to make the Sleep or Immobile Debuff carry over to the Next Round is by the Ninja's Standard attack move for Example - Enemy's Main does Standard attack then you sleep him after that it carry's over get it lol Sorry if I cant word it correctly but hopes this help:L.
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Debuffs stack sleep/immobile. So if you cast it on character and it doesn't miss ofc then it will carry on to the next round if the ninja does it action already. So if you for example sleep and immobile a character turn 1 after the character does it action then round 2 that character will be sleeping and immobile. In turn 3 that character will no longer be sleeping/immobile. Unless ofc you apply sleeping again then round3 the enemy ninja will be sleeping only round 3.
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@all, thanks for the answer. it really help me understand the game better. thanks everyone :D
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test and experience is all you need to know... I learned this a long time ago. And that's why I can beat some p2w as f2p ;P
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this helped me too thanks guys :D
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