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[ Player Guide ] Azure Fang Plot/Elite Instance Guide ~Ongoing~


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I've been noticing a lot of Azure's have trouble going through the Plot in this game, I myself have had some issues. So, I'm creating this guide to help fellow Water mains. Keep in mind, All of the builds here require No real money, and most of the ninja used in these builds are easy to come by. Also, this is how I went through, people have different methods. Additionally, please note, this guide isn't complete. I'm only around Level 52.Starting out with a few MVP Characters you are going to want, these aren't including characters you get by default(Team 7, Anko, ect.).

Zabuza- Zabuza is incredibly useful for Plot Instances with a Water main. He has a very meaty clone, and he himself is decently tanky. He isn't very good in Ranked though, unless you're running a Water-only team. His combos stack well with most of the characters you are going to have, He's all around super good for leveling up through the game.

Hinata - Hinata is overall probably one of my favorite characters. She doesn't get good super viable until 3-star, but once she hits 3 star and continues to grow she will be a huge asset to any team. Her frags are by no means difficult to come by, so steadily leveling her up shouldn't be hard. She pairs very well with Water and Zabuza, and overall is one of the best characters for tanking and damage.

Starting Out
So, you're a Water Main. Now what?

Start out by using the standard Team 7. This build should carry you until you have some different ninja. Team 7 isn't by any means the best build, but it's helpful. I stopped using them around Level 20, but if it works for you, you can continue on using them
Team 7 combos fairly well together along with you, so it should carry you though for a little while. The Forest of Death is where things get shaky for this team, and things don't seem to mello out afterward, at least in my experience

Levels 20ish to 30/40ish
At this point, Team 7 isn't super viable for you anymore, but you likely don't have a ton of Ninjas. Here is where things get better.
The "Ice Team'"s benefits are huge. It's a full Water team, so Zabuza's mystery is actually useful. Zabuza is probably one of the best team members for plot instances/elite instances. Haku deals out huge damage with his Mystery and Zabuza's clone will shield your Water Main. This team combos very well, and with Enhancement of Water Style Ninja, this team is deadly. The only true downside to it is it's tankiness. Zabuza doesn't take a huge amount of damage on his own, and his clone will die quickly if it's comboed. Some missions will be difficult, but other than the odd few(Practice Exam), This team should carry you for a while.

If you want to * with a team like this past the 40ish level mark, You'd need to upgrade Haku to 3-star and try to collect Zabuza frag. I'd reccomend switching out Sakura since Azure will be a decent healer, and make the decision to either put in someone that can chase Low Float and still have your Water Main follow them, or someone that can combo with your water main. Kakashi and 2/3-star Tenten do well respectively.

Levels 40ish to 54
The Ice Team's drop off will hit around here, Haku won't be cutting it for damage anymore unless you've upgraded him to 3-star, and Sakura will begin to lose her purpose since Water Main can serve the purpose of a healer better. At this point, I can reccomend a few teams based on what characters you have.
This team I've labeled "Protect The Princess" is all about damage. It combos incredibly well depending on what talents you use. The downside to this team is it's a quick-win-or-die team. It has next to no survivability, but with the damage it outputs, It likely won't have trouble. Your Water Main has to be using Shark Bomb as it's Mystery, due to the huge damage it has and how well the team combos off of it. It also has to be using Shark Bomb as it's Chase Passive, or else the combo will break. This team does have quite a bit of downsides, and Karin isn't easy to come by, but it's power is almost unrivaled at this point in your levels.

If that team doesn't work for you, or you don't have Karin...
This team, which I've labeled "Empress Hinata" revolves almost entirely around Hinata's combos and abilities. She's the backbone of this team. The downside is, if you're not at Level 45 or don't have 3-Star Hinata, This team won't really be viable to you, as you need the Healing Jutsu Mystery for your Main. Once you reach that though, put in full healer talents, Chakra Blade, Healing Tips, Healing Jutsu, and this will be an amazing team for you. It's incredibly defensive, Kakashi's clone is fairly weaker than Zabuza's though. This team combos well, but if Hinata dies, the team does tend to fall apart. A reccomended summon for this team would be Eagle King, as he's fairly easy to come by, deals decent damage, and won't interrupt your combo.

Additionally, if you have a 3-star Sasuke, he will work much better on this team than any of his replacements will (Kakashi, Anko, Kimimaru.) You're essentially looking for a ninja that can best chase a High Float, which will be 3-star Sasuke. Until you get him, though, I'd reccomend Kakashi for defense, Anko for damage/interruptions, and Kimimaru if your Hinata dies often/is still only 2-star.

Level 54 to 60+At this level you'll reach the drop off for the Empress Hinata build and reach the dreaded Puppet Master vs. Puppet Master Mission. Fighting Sasori will be difficult, due to your damage output as a Water Main being not that great. For this mission, and onward due to the difficulty spiking at this point, The current team I've found to be helpful has been

This team, dubbed Team Lee surrounds Lee and supporting his combos. Lee frags, as well as Sai frags, are easy to come by through Survival Trial and Ranked Battle rewards, which you should be doing daily. Sakura isn't required in this team, and if you have a better character, feel free to replace her. My personal dream reccomendation would be GNW Tenten, but since she isn't available yet, A good repulse-chaser will do. Additionally, Water Main can become the Repulse-Chaser with a Shark Bomb chase, in which case anyone like Hinata or Sasuke that can chase Low Float would do the trick.

To be Continued

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im loving this hope you continue it !

im water main too on server 175 and im lv45, right now my team is

kakashi main hinata

hinata is 3 stars and im near for kabuto 3 stars too.
my main im using shark bomb,taijustus attack,water style water dragon justsu and neurotoxin.

was thinking of getting kisame now but im waiting for the shop update so he costs less than 1000 or try for someone else? right now i dont have much dmg i know but i dont want a dmg team instead i want an annoying team :P by that i mean that i was thinking of having 2 healers a damager and a tanker.
for now im using shark bomb on main because she and kakashi can do dmg for now but later on when i get better characters i will make her full healer with mystery,normal attack healing and healing tips too.
if you have any info i will gladly hear you and i dont have zabuza and dont intend on getting him now.
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I dont understand, why u write this "*" guide. No one cant get zabuza at lvl 20 and playing with him until 40. lol(x999)
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