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Dear Ninjas!We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be available on 10/27/16 and we ask that all of you have a look on it.
We have received feedback from our ninjas and we decided to use it to create a better gaming experience for all of you, this way, from today onwards, there will be events with more attractive prizes and collectibles! Your opinions are what give us strength to improve. We are working hard to bring you all a Naruto Online you desire and enjoy playing! 1. "Refine Fragments" function added. Extra Five-stars ninja fragments can now be exchanged into points! Refine them to get new items!Event Period:Oct 27th after maintenanceRequirements:Players must have reached Level 40 in order to participate. c) Use the points to do refining. High level refinement can not only earn you a random reward, but you c*so get a bonus Naruto fragment.
2. "Battle Armor Rebates" event added. Go and update your battle armor to get extra rebates and achievement packs! Upgrading itemsin discount can be bought in the Shop!Event Period:Oct 27th – Nov 2ndRequirements:Players must have reached Level 43 in order to participate.Details:a) Find this event in Hot Topics, get rewards by upgrading your armor to the required level during the event.b) Achievement Gifts can be claimed after you reach the required rank of your armor. Each player can only get this achievement gift once in his playtime.c)New Limited-time Gift Packs added to the Shop: tools to upgrade your Battle Armor! Players can buy Threads and Clothes at a lower price; make use of this event to upgrade your armor! b) The Halloween’s Pumpkin mission dealercan randomly appear within 3 different sites on the map at a time. Players need to find it by themselves, and then click it to get at most 5 missions at a time (can click Halloween’s Pumpkin more than once while it is in the same location). The missions can be completed by yourself or be given to your friends. Each player can get and complete 10 missions per day in total. If you’re not satisfied with the missions you obtained, you can spend 5.000 Coins to cancel a specific mission and look for Halloween’s Pumpkin to get new missions for you or your friends to complete.c) Players will get 5 points after completing a mission. Get an additional Missions Gift Box when you complete a mission gifted by a friend. The additional gift pack contains 10 points and some random items. The Missions Gift Box is sold in the Time-Limited Shop as well.
4. "Lunatic Halloween" event added. Halloween is coming! The Moon went nutsy! Go and get some Jack-o'-Lanterns to calm it down! Plenty of rewards await you!Event Period:Oct 27th – Nov 2ndRequirements:Players must have reached Level 43 in order to participate. Details:a) The moonlight will change colors every 3 minutes, players need to light up the Jack-o’-Lantern which is of the same color as the moonlight. Lit the wrong colored Jack-o’-Lantern and you will receive a punishment from the moon. Players will be transformed intoa Jack-o’-Lantern for 30 seconds and will not get the bonus candies.b) To lit the colored Jack-o’-Lantern you need to consume Lanterns*5. Players can get Lanterns by completing Plot/Elite Instances. If successfully, you will receive Candy*10, which can be redeemed for rewards. Players can lit a maximum of 5 colored Jack-o’-Lantern every day. If the 5 daily colored Jack-o’-Lanterns are all lit, you will obtain some bonus candies!d) By clicking “Refresh” the color of the moon will change. The first time you Refre*, it is free. After that, you’ll need to consume Candy*2 to refresh, that is if you don’t want to wait for the moon to change colorsautomatically.
5. "Total Recharge Rebate" event added. Want your money to be worthful? Then, it's now time to recharge! The more ingots you recharge, the more valuable rebates you can get!Event Period:Oct 27th – Nov 2ndRequirements: Servers that opened in the last 14 days will NOT be participating in this event.Also, players must have reached Level 6 in order to participate.Details:During the event, players who recharge the required amount of Ingots can get various rewards as rebates.Ingots recharged will be ac*ulated during the event and one of the claimable rewards is a strong and capable ninja!
6. "Time-Limited Packs" event added. You can now access "Time-Limited Shop” to get some great-valued packs, go and see for yourselves whether they are worth it!Event Period: Oct 27th – Nov 2ndDetails:a) Level 4 Life Magatama Daily Purchase Limit: 5 Timesb) Level 4 Attack Magatama Daily Purchase Limit: 5 Timesc) Level 4 Ninjutsu Magatama Daily Purchase Limit: 5 Times 7.The new ninja added for the Daily Check In rewards of the month of November will be: Shino.
8. Several bugs were fixed this week:a) Deidara's Passive Skill, Art of Blasts, has been corrected.b) Pain - Animal Path has been fixed to match its Pain's counterparts, it is now called Pain - Chikushodo.
9. After the feedback received during the recent weeks, we are currently working on preparing the following for the future to come.a) The Maximum possible level will be increased, we will be announcing the concrete time of the update in our Official Website and Naruto Online Forum;b) "Server Merging" is coming soon, stay tuned with our Official Website and Naruto Online Forums.c) This Sunday, on the 30th October at 2:00 (AM), our UK servers will have their server time affected by the end of the Daylight Saving Time, DST, which means the server time will be back 1 hour. This change of the DST will only affect UK servers and will not affect your gameplay! We ask that you please be patient, we are doing our best to bring you these three items ASAP! Thank you for all your support! Naruto Online Operation Team This post was last edited by AzunaChan at 2016-10-27 14:20
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Thanks Azuna-Chan! :D
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Ty, ty, for the information.
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Finally patch notes.
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Woot! Finally patch notes! Thank you for finally posting bug reports. Also it's nice to see what you have planed. I'm looking forward to the more details promised!:)
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Thanks azuna,:D
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hooorayyyy! plenty of events for f2p players! :D
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Any word on what the rewards are? Rumor is 3rd hokage is a 30,000ingot top up reward....
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nice nice~ thank you:)
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<:3_46:> wooo !~ nice stuff we have there :)
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thx for the information.<:2_27:> #LoL
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Hmm what's the "strong" ninja from the ingots rebates I wonder, or if it's even worth it XD
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Anyone know if there are any ninjas being sold that you can buy this event?
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  • On 2016-10-27 12:19:58
  • Anyone know if there are any ninjas being sold that you can buy this event?
From the other thread we know you can get Jugo, though you c*so just grind for Jugo anyway.
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i think it's nice event , thank you .
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Finally I can get my hands on GNW Shino!

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What's the new ninja?
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i am waiting for GNW sai and GNW tenten i thought it will be them since i already got GNW shino :'(
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I only have War Shino at 2 Starz since the server started in mid July 22
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They are already planning to increase the lvl cap?¿ wtf man im not even 78 yet.
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