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[ Suggestions ] Adding a new channel


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I am the leader of one of the biggest group in server S17.
A few days ago a few new players entered our group, but not all of them speak
English that well so they started using their native tongue in the group chat.
As you might have guessed the rest don't understand them and that led to a few complaints.

My own question is:

Is it possible to add another guild chat window or another way for them to create their own
chat room to communicate (something similar to WOW's /join "test1"). PM is not enough, because
they are more than 2 people.

All of them (the new guys) are cool. And I don't want to kick them out just because they don't speak
English well. What shall I do? :Q
-Creel s17-

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Create a discord.
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Or TS3, or any online communicator :x
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I'm sorry but no, at the moment it is not possible.

You can fix this problem pretty easily - create your own discord channel/skype group/QQ group.
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