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[ Bugs ] Arena Victory Conditions Bug


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I have a condition in Arena that states: "Gain 1 Victory using at least 2 Ninja rated at Mystery Cooldown 3."
There are several choices available, so I choose two.

"Requirements are not met" in grayed out letters still.

I thought there was something wrong, that I choose the wrong character, but upon further inspection, game doesn't recognize any two choices. It's not until I added a third option that it'll highlight green and say "Requirements are met."

Either this is something new (until this point, I've yet to encounter any Victory Condition that required the usage of all my slots to achieve it), or there's a mistake involved. It would be appreciated if someone could check this out and let me know which is it.

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I know that. However, it still took all three of the other ninja to meet the requirements when it said I needed two. I could remove Naruto, or Kakashi, or Tayuya, and the message will just go back to grayed out "Requirements not met." I have to completely fill all three free slots with ninja that fell under the requirements or else it won't greenlight.

It would be problematic if it was asking for something like "ninja unaffected by regular attack" or "ninja that use Tag" because it would force you to make a dysfunctional team, assuming you even have all the parts, for 200 points.
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