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Hello,I'm from server 36 Sasori I'm level 65 and I'd like to know what these points are about. When ever you kill an npc it will say you have gained a certain amount of points. What are these points for? Will they be a new feature or are they for display only?

Anyway onto lineups. Here are my characters I have around 38. Working towards Tobi,Ukon Sakon and Suigetsu.


Right now I'm using this team. All characters are three stars or higher.
Hinata 2
Sasuke 1
Main 3
Kisame 4

Little Katsuya is the summon. Generally they make a nice combo with a few debuffs such as acupunture,ignite and paralysis. The highest this team can achieve right now is 8 combo only if triggered with a taijutsu attack from either Kisame or Sasuke. If Hinata starts a combo it will only end with a 5 combo unless you change the lineup putting Kisame in the first slot. I experimented with this for a short time and every combo was a 8 hit but Hinatas acupunture skill was delayed to the second last skill to be triggered. This caused few problems with characters that can dodge combos mid-way such as Haku,Sakura,Ino and Tobi. Plus seeing as Kisame is one of the most important counterparts of this team putting him in first rank with only a cline to protect him didn't do very well. With little Katsuya this team ranges from 5-6-8 combos however,if you were to have Big Katsuya (Gold summon) You could get a 9 combo.

Skills for main-
Regenerative healing jutsu
-Quick heal
-Water dragon
-Healing tips (Optional)
-Water clone jutsu (Optional but recommended)

Also the water clone can start off a combo which sometimes end with a 7 combo.

Now,this team has only 2 tanks being Hinata and the clone. Depending on the mains resistance the clone will have more life.

I'd like a new team because I've grown bored with this one,well to be more specific. I've grown tired of having Sasuke in all my teams. i realise he is a all round character which causes a lot of debuffs but he shines more in my ranked battle teams with GNW Kiba,GNW Neji and Tenten. Use this team if in need of a ranked battle team they do 8 combos. Plus,they are a early combo team.

So,if you know any good teams without Sasuke please let me know. Also feel free to use the teams I mentioned. Now seeing as I've asked for help I'll share another team. This is generally good for SA or Ninja exam level 70 seeing as it has tanks and a few debuffs.

It consists of Hinata,Kabuto,Kisame and of course the main. Kabuto can be replaced with Sai the only reason I have him here is because of his heal. Trust me having to deal with Azure fangs heal and Kabuto's heal at the same time is annoying and calls for a long battle. I've faced many 2 heal teams which I had to tank my way through.

The summon is the bull.

I've simulated this with the Rhino which does the same thing as the bull but is triggered twice but it seemed to actually mess up the combo for some reason.

Kisame 1
Hinata 2
Main 3
Kabuto 4

This team lacks damage be warned. They do around 8 combos which is held together mostly by Kisame and Hinata so if they both die you're done unless you managed to get in enough debuffs to kill the enemy.

-Poison(You can do heal if you want,the only reason I've done poison is to add another debuff)
-Quick heal
-Chakra blade
-Water clone jutsu(Seeing as this team is already tanky you could replace this with poison tai and have the mystery be heal if you prefer that)

Aight,hope this helped. By the way,this team is onlygood until you hit the70's then you will start needing stronger characters. Good luck.

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The points you get from NPC are experience point for your ninjas in your team. However, take note that the main would not receive any exp from mobs.As for your lineup, I don't think I can help much as I don't play azure fang too often! I hope other members of the forum will help you though! Alternatively, you can create a thread in strategy for your lineup help. There's more people there to help you out.
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Hi! I'm Sharisu from S26. :) I'm a lvl 69 Azure Fang and never changed class every since I first played this game. XD

Since Narbsy already answered your first question, I guess I'll be doing the second one about a lineup.
My fave lineup and the one I always use consists of 2* GNW Kiba, 3* Hinata and 4* Kakashi.

The lineup:
Main -- Kakashi -- Hinata
x -- GNW Kiba -- Akamaru
x -- x -- x

Talents: Heal for both active and passive then chakra dissection blade, neutoxin and poison tai.

Summon: Bull

They only have at most 6 or 7 combos but they're really strong. I can defeat people who has as much as 5k more power than me and has a higher level. :)

Hope my lineup will help!
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