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OK, so I've never heard of "Bootleg Immortal" before today, and I imagine other people have this problem of in general being like "what's all this" every day, so... *curtain pull* I present: Special Teams! Let me know what I missed (It's obvious I don't have them all right now, I'm not saying I do, which is why I need help), or if you want to start yer own thaaaang, and I'll add it here. (Or if you have an *ysis - I'll post the link.)

And in general, flame me all you want mean forum-goers; I'm trying my best to help people who want it. Yeah.


Bootleg Immortal: Iruka, Sailor Sakura, Naruto . Comments: not really accessible to F2Ps - actually not at all - but looks like it does hella damage. Iruka's high damage and on the P2W Kyuubi teams a lot, at least on my server. I'll ask the guy on my server who has both 4 tails Naruto and Sailor Sakura how they are.


Empress: Kurenai, Hinata, Karin. Comments: Kill the main. Disable Hinata. Good team for Breeze in my humble and admittedly uninformed opinion (was Breeze for a day XD), but I beat it in Arena with my control team consistently. See SunshineXD's post please, though: Why the empress build is terrible
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From Moumin: great post; read it y'all~

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