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[ Lineup ] Switching Mains


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So I've been a Water Main...well, forever. I've never switched. But I probably should for GNW, considering it may help us not get facerolled. I'm 79 and have quite a few ninja cultivated, but nothing super-special except for a Ningendo, a 5* Tobi, and a 5* Sakura.

What would be best for me to switch to, and why?

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More that everyone has him and I don't. I decided long ago that I have such crap luck with seals that I'd focus on power more.

It's actually starting to pay off and some clever strategy was much more than just having a good class in the GNW today! So I might just * with water until the grave. XD.
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lol dude right on
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Earth build with Ningendo is very fun to play against, if you enjoy the lack of fun.

*x *x *x
Ningendo Tobi Main
Tsunade *x *x

2 Talents with Rhino summon.

But when you say Sage Naruto you mean you have one and want to use it, or you mean enemies have one with initiative coming out of it's ears and it goes first and kills you? If it's the second then best way is to use something that can stop him going turn 2, like fire mains seal or Neji or Shikamaru.
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Well most of my issue is Sage Naruto.
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Dok, you know what must be done. You're getting beat up in GNW because of Earth. Join the side of Earth and embrace its power!

Or, you could * with Water and try *ign yourself away from those monsters. Your choice! ^^
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In my opinion I'd go with a team that goes well against the teams you fight in GNW, if that makes sense - like if everyone in enemy group is Earth and uses the shield, go with GNW Kank, Ignite from Fire or Paralyze from Lightning, and other debuffers. That's an extreme example but it makes sense, sorta. Or if you know you're going to be in a field with lots of low-damage revivers so you supply the area damage with fire's Dragon Flame. It all depends on a bunch of different factors and honestly it's a crapshoot XD

But Scarlet... he's awesome for pretty much everywhere. I've been fire from day 1 (Lightning for a day, wind for a day) and I have very few complaints.
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