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[ Lineup ] [Help] Lineup For Earth With Sage Naruto/ Iruka


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So I recently got my hands on some great ninja's like Sage Naruto, Sage Jiraiya, Iruka.
But I have a problem getting a very good team together, I preferbly use all those 3 with my Earth main but I cant get it to work.
I think I should drop Jiraiya but then I'm in the dark who I should replace him with.

My aim for the team is to support Naruto and be tanky while Naruto destroys the opponent.

My ninjas are:

As for summons I got all epic and have Demon Fox.
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Try Iruka tsunade slug with 2nd talent or tobi tsunade you don't need 2 sages
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My suggestion is to swap out earth main to Fire/water. Also the below team requires you to have Serpent to work well with it

Fire Main skills are 3 3 3 2 2/3 (2 for Bani Chakra to remove earth shields etc) or (3 for additional chakra)

Sasuke Naruto X
Fire Main Iruka X

Water main skills are 2/3 (For more mystery or heals) 2/3 (Same) 1 2 2

Sasuke Naruto X
Water Main Iruka X
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