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[ Help ] I need advice from you guys about seal scrolls


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I don't know which option is better. I need advice.
About me : I'm capable of being top 3 in sage battlefield regularly and always win full rewards in matsuri.
Beside that our group are current using the GNW point system to bet packs. Who get the pack will be out for that month. So basically I can get legendary once per month.

But right now in my server our group don't really have a rival group anymore. Most of their core players quitted and there are not enough 8 groups to participate GNW.
I having the idea that I'll ask my group leaders to let me and 8 other people to creat a new group just for packs. I also aware of the risk from power loss because of group skills which will affect my performance in sage battlefield and matsuri.
So to sum it up
Stay like normal:
2 from sage per week, 8 per month
3 from matsuri, 12 per month
10 from pack per month
Total average 30 seal scrolls/month

Try to make a new group:
1 from sage per week, 4 per month (assuming I'm no longer be able to stay at top 3 regularly because the power loss from group skills)
2 from matsuri, 8 per month (same as above)
From what I know we will get 2 legendary packs, 4 hero packs and 3 elite packs each week? Correct me this if I'm wrong.
So average the group can get 10x2 + 8x4 + 5x3 = 67 seals per week, 268 per month. Divide into 9 then it's around 29 scrolls per months.
Total average 41 seal scrolls/month

Sorry if my math sux. So what do you guys think? Which is better? Thank for read through my lame english and broken math :lol

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Make a new group if you don't mind leaving your old one for a while. It helps the 9 of you get more scrolls and at the same time it will let the other members in your group get packs more often so it's also good for your current group. But the bad part is leaving behind all of your friends.

Don't forget you will also get a couple of scrolls every month from Chase (one a week) and the mini client. (one every two weeks)
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Thank you. I know we can get a couple of scrolls from events, client, etc... but don't want to count it in :p
But as you said I also think that will be good for both side.
My goal is to gain around 50 scrolls / month. Will try to talk with my leader about this soon :lol
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