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[ Lineup ] Normal Approaching Strong (Earth Main)


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Hai guys, I am so happy to inform you that I have a team to beat Approaching Strong. This team is most affective for after lvl 55 but I think you may be able to do it before that.

Set Up

Your team will consist of Main, Kisame, Kabuto, and Kidomaru (He's the spider dude)

You want your setup like this so that way your Main is protecting Kisame and providing shields, Kidomaru is protecting himself with his own sheilds, and Kabuto makes Kidomaru tanky while protecting him with clones.

Battle Stategy

Wave 1
Round 1- Activate Kabuto's mystery, Kisame should leach 20 chakra points after that use Kidomaru's mystery.
Round 2- Use Kisame's mystery (To me it's stronger than mains cause you'll get the combo from either one but I feel like Kisame's does more damage)
Round 3- Use Kabuto's mystery and Main's and that should finish them off (Always use Main's mystery even though they are almost dead because it adds the extra shield that you'll be wanting)

Wave 2
Round 1- Target Kakuzu and use Kisame's mystery and Kidomaru's
Round 2- Immediately use Kabuto's and Main's mystery because this roud Kakuzu and Hid*e their mysteries. Hidans mystery will kill Kidomaru, this is okay because in this process Hidan will either kill himself or almost be dead and the same goes for Kakuzu. (Make sure you're targeting Kakuzu so combo's will hit him every time you use a mystery so he dies if they are still alive read round 3)
Round 3- Use Kisam's mystery to finish them off

Wave 3
Round 1- Target Animal Pain in the back and use Kabuto's and Main's mystery (If you didn't have to do round 3 from Wave 2 then use Kisame's mystery)
Round 2- Use Kisame's mystery. Hidan either uses his mystery that attacks your group (which will most likely kill Kabuto and Kisame because its most likely the group one when this happens) or the one that attack one person which should end up being the clone. (Again if you didn't need to use round 3 from Wave 2 then use Kabuto's and Main's mystery. If this happens then it'll be the single attakcing mystery from Hidan and next round will be the group one but you dont need to worry about that.)
Round 3- Since Kisame and Kabuto are dead keep using Main's mystery repeadedly and you should win, Hidans myateries shuldn't even break through your shields. (The other way: Use whatever mysteries you can and you should win this round)

Bam!! You've won!!

Other Things

Make sure you do everything you can to boost Main's resistance so his shields are stronger.
If something at any time in the plan fails: IMPROVISE.
I don't really know if any one of these ninja can be substituted since I haven't looked into it.
And yeah, that's it. Have fun wreaking havoc in Strong Approaching ^_^

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thx ill try
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