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this game just isn't as fun's why.


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Using IMPACT font to hopefully get someone's attention.

Hey guys how's it hanging? Claesman here needing some assistance.

I'm currently in the group Ghosts of War on Server 18: Haku and boy is our server jacked.

Right now there's this huge "dictatorship". No just dictatorship. No quotes, it's actually hitler.

My group is the 2nd top group on our server but we a steadily declining in group members because of said dictatorship. The Akatsuki are completely ruling our server being 4000000 battle power ahead of us. Many people are quitting our group AND the server cause the game just isn't fun anymore. They have so much more power th* it seems like we don't have a chance. But we are still hanging on and continuing to fight every Saturday and Wednesday for the Great Ninja War.

Side Note: This whole two winners of the Preliminaries of GNW fight first in the actual war is so messed up. Our group and Akatsuki win and then our group immedietly loses because of how that fighting system works.

All I'm saying is that if we get enough people talking about it we can definitely start Server Merging. I know it seems like a big reach but it's the best answer we have. (or just more people joining the server. Feel free to join a group: GoW, Uchiha Clan, Anbu Black Ops, Unknown Ninja, etc) Anything we can do to make our server group battle power more balanced.)

I know the title of this thread may make me sound inconsiderate and I'm sorry for that. But this is an actually problem that we would like to see get fixed. Cause if there continues to be such a tyranny on our server, I might start to lose interest as well. And I really don't want to! I love Naruto and now that there's an MMORPG for it that just makes it all so exciting!

I hope that this reaches the eye of a moderator and something is done about this.

Thank you for your time,

Claesman of S18: Haku :)

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Is your avatar playing the world's smallest violin?
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Unfortunately this thing happens sometimes. You could convince people to leave the dictatorship by saying that only 10 or so get packs, or you could switch servers, or you could wait until a merge... but none of these really satisfy everyone...

On some servers the strongest group doesn't accept the strongest player to prevent this, but I guess on others this sort of thing happens. I'll try to brainstorm some solutions but right now this is all I could think of... I'm really sorry, that situation *s, and if I can help somehow let me know and I'll try.
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ouch that is one wall of text you got there op .. anyway sometimes you need to adjust rather than seeing your group defeat to the strongest team as weakness but rather as one of the only worthy opponent of the said 'dictactor' .... and for the fun, bro you can compete with each other in group and focus on what you guys wanna thrive ingame so it is your choice either pvp, pve , collector, the powered, p2win, or just laid back homey.
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If your not having fun cause a "dictatorship" as you claim then a server merge won't solve anything. Here's why, there will be another strong group or perhaps even more. The strongest groups typically survive the longest. Your going to play the game a different way or join the strongest group. If you can't beat them, join them. The game forces us to compete. If you care about winning you going to have to get stronger then them or hope they quit.

On server s24 despite our population declining 3 groups have been the winner of group war. 4 but one group had to reform due to an inactive leader but that doesn't count. My point is there's different ways and reason we play. Some of us play to compete, others for naruto and the rest of us for the friends we made in game. Being the strongest or standing a chance in 1 event is expensive. So unless your willing to become the next Oragiri don't bother. Just enjoy the game and the people in it or move on to a different server or game. Don't wait for the developers do something for you, it will be too late by then.
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yeah thats happens on almost all server,on strong group and the rest not but I dont agree with server merging,this will just make even more people quit
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1. We are hardly a dictatorship... We where helping the small groups out and even asking the small groups that can't even join the GNW to merge with you guys and other groups. Many of your top members asked to join us at some point but we asked them to join your group so we had someone worth fighting.

2. We help each other out and donate! this is the main reason we are #1 right now. We will have lvl 9 group skills in a few days and we help out everyone with convoy,team instance, group instance SA and what not. I know for the first month+ I did 12-16 *s a day helping people that needed it. We also have more members show up for nine tails which gives us a Nice exp/coin/coupon/magatama advantage.

3.Your group needs to work on your placement in GNW you could have won a few times if you did not have the strongest players in fire every single time. If you had one of your stronger players in another lane you could have won a few weeks ago.

4.Your group is full of drama from what I'm told you have members leaveing for other groups thanks to that too.

5. out of all the GNW groups we have it the worst in a way. The small GNW groups are staying small on purpose They get scrolls every week while we need 3 weeks for a pack. They can just farm free scrolls every week.

6. If you look at the forums it's mainly our group members that started asking for server merges. We wanted competition on the server and helped out the other groups as much as we could.

If you guys wanted to become #1 you should have worked hard looked for members and helped them from start of the server like we did. We are forced to compete in this game for resources (scrolls,points ect.) and our group simply did our best trying to become strong.

- Turalyon

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Shouldn't be playing a pvp game then?
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First of all guy, should go back and freshen up on your history. I know losing a lot of your group mates to stronger groups *, but you cant compare people taking your followers in an online game to Hitler....

Also. if you are 2nd strongest group you should be getting the 2nd most war packs on the server so make sure you use those to attract some new group members!
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