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[ Strategy Share ] SA Easy (Hidan) for Breeze


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I was wind for a day XD

I wasn't able to do this one because my Karin isn't updated but try this:
Sakura x Hinata
Karin main x
x x x

T alents: Giant Rasengan, Shadow Clone, Vacuum Blast, Flower Guard, Multi Shadow Clones, Summon: White Tiger

Notes: Combos built off wind main's mystery: main, Hinata + acupuncture, Hinata, Karin, Tiger summon, Sakura. Next hits should lead to 10-combo chases. If this combo is too long and you end up killing the target before it's over, rebuild your combos after Hinata's Knockdown standard.

Wave 1 round 1: Hinata.
Wave 1 round 2: target back Zetsu and use wind main's mystery, which interrupts the arrow thing. Take them out this round or the next.
Wave 2 round 1: use main's move again to interrupt Haku; use Sakura's megaheal.
Wave 2 round 2: wing it; go for damage; try to keep everyone alive.
Wave 3 round 1: whatever jutsu are available evenly between the two and kill them. Wing it again, I didn't beat it XD but in theory it works.
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