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[ Ninja Exam ] Level 80 Guide-ish for Fire


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Chaos, chaos, chaos.

My power at completion: 18054

You're facing:
empty Karin empty
Juugo empty Sasuke
empty Suigetsu empty

I beat it on serious try 3 with:
GNW Kiba empty empty
Ino main normal Neji
empty empty empty

As for talents, I wasn't thinking of combos so use whatever summon/chase talents you want but the key talents are: Seal of Red Lotus, Feather Illusion, Genjitsu Mirror, Death Mirage.

Round 1: interrupt Karin with main before poison; aim Ino's Mind Destruction at Sasuke; hit Juugo with Neji (only for damage).

Round 2: Juugo should be down; Kiba's tai takes down Karin. Ino/main chaos combo interrupts Sasuke before he does anything.

Round 3: Target Suigetsu with mind transfer. From then on, treat all mysteries besides main's interrupt (aim at Sasuke when his mystery barrier is loading, always) as pure damage and go for it.

Tried Hinata, not enough damage. Tried Kabuto, not enough stall/damage.
Normal Kiba might work here too. Anyone with sturdy clones and damage in both tai and mystery.
Tried to chaos Juugo so he would do that crazy 7-tai thing on his own team, didn't work. Take him out round 1.
Take Karin out round 2 or her debuff clear will kill you.
Couldn't combo against Sasuke at times for some reason; maybe because of Ino's double chase bug, which I posted elsewhere on the forum.

Suigetsu is annoying but don't focus on him until it's just Sasuke/Suigetsu.
Treat jutsu as damage - even Mind Destruction after first/second use.
Karin heals lowest life so take her out first; if you can't wait to chaos until after she heals.
Ino's jutsu is slow; use main's for fast interrupt.

Keep trying until you learn the pattern, and good luck~

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