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Hello, a friend stopped playing 2 months ago and wants to come back now, but he is not able to log in since his account is linked to Facebook. His account cannot be linked to an Oasis account either. A while ago when it became unavailable to log in with Facebook on Puffin we tried to link the accounts to Oasis, I was successful but for some reason he couldn't (I think his password was incorrect). We tried several ways and we couldn't link his account, so until a few months ago he only played through the mini client. Do you have any solution for his case?

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There are a few potential solutions here. The facebook login issue is currently fixed, so he should be able to log in with his facebook account. If he is having issues with that, please have him make an account to speak with us directly about it, and if I can see his error I might be able to sort him out.

As for the second issue, he will again need to make a second account (make sure not to use the email address of his regular account, or he won't be able to bind it properly, make a brand new email address/account) and contact CS through the in game ticketing system and we might be able to bind his account for him.

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