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[ Suggestions ] Advanced Vials and Protections problem


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Supply of advanced vials / protections is a problem for a long time and especially now, why?

1) It's really hard to keep up with all the BT's that are coming out, the upgrade ratios are hidden, there is no pity timer on rolls so even whales can't afford to upgrade some fun ninjas that we want to try just because of being mats locked. If you are unlucky easly 500+ protections down to fully BT ninja (not to mention giga cancer like 10T Madara where for example I am around 6000 protections down and he is still not full BT like wtf Oasis for real)

2) New power system that works around having as many BT ninjas as possible - another big sink for vials / protection that has to be done if we are looking to min - max account

3) New players even whales absolutly can't keep up with point 1 and especially 2.

How are they supposed to get enaugh vials / protections from just great plates to get that new power system and ninjas going with current supply in the game? I have no idea.

To not make it needlesly long. I think it's finally time to put adv vials and protections (let's be real protections are the problem here not vials) in the moon shop so we can keep up with new power system and have better time in general in the game.

There are already training potions, unbound runes that are amazing because of red summons etc in moon shop category so I don't think protections are something op at all

If moon shop is out of the question for some reason then at least do something about increasing supply of advanced protections in the game.

Idk rotate konoha great tree so it gives insane amount of them like before on level 7, * great plates so it has even higher ratios for it instead of cave keys or, add protection idk in Space time shop there are some ways to make it better.

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I will submit your suggestion for you. For the meantime, I would recommend looking into great plates. Myself and most people I play with have no issues with vials due to great plates.

Thanks and have a great day!

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