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[ Player Guide ] Breakthrough Attribute System


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Hey Guys!

The breakthrough attribute system is finally here, here's a small guide that will hopefully give you a better understanding of how the event works.

Green Breakthrough = 1 Level

Blue Breakthrough = 2 Levels

Purple Breakthrough = 3 levels

Gold Breakthrough = 4 Levels

Stats Available




Tai Pene*tration

Ninjutsu Pene*tration




Damage Reduction

Life Recovery

Stats will differ from ninja to ninja and level to level


1/5/9 /13/17 for Life Ninjutsu or attack

2/6/10/14/18 for Defense/resistance

3/7/11/15/19 for Tai/Ninjutsu Peneration

4/8/12/16/20 for Life Recovery/Damage Reduction

4/8/12 for initiative

Random Tips

As the initiative is maxed out at level 12, if that is your main priority (as it should be) then I would stop there.if you're short on locks.

When spending your locks I'd prioritize ninjas with L skills, since those count as 2 golds. Ninjas like Sasori edo tensei, Gaara Kazekage.

Ninjas with no green skills will save you locks since you'll just be getting breakthroughs worth more points

Combos that can give you Level 12

3 Golds

2 Golds+2 Blues (most efficient method)

2 Golds+1 Purple+1 Green

1 Gold+4 Blues

1 Gold + 2 Purple + 2 Greens

3 Purples

The current Maximum Initiative from the event seems to be 1950 at the moment, this will rise when new breakthroughs come out.

I Will be updating this as I get more information since thisi s a new function, I hope you were able to learn something new and if you have any pointers or questions about the event please let me know in the replies here!

Credits to YujinTakara#9394 and castal#2705for sourcing some of this info

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