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[ Lineup ] Returning player after a few years, wanna know if I can do anything with these?


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I came back after a few years back for nostalgia, and I was wondering if I can cook with anything here. F2P because that matters:






Also summons.


Thx for your time

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No you can't cook anything with those. If you want to play the game my advice is:

1) Join new server

2) Download mini client to get free New Year Hashirama

3) New server players also get now free Edo Tensei Madara so claim him

4) With those 2 ninjas above you can cook something and have fun on the new server

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ill be cooking for

lightning/fire main.... use edo gengetsu.pos1/carry ...hashi new year as support. normal hinata as tank. save coupons until fuku deals. summon kushu dear or gamaken or cham would be good

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level freeze. dnt do missions. and instances unless needed. claim all coupons. set *arm everyday when its time for convoy and plunder. log out after done so u dnt get bored. it only takes 3 mins a day to save coupons in plunder/convoy

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level up new yr hashi to 4 star BT him u can win SOME not all payto win with that lineup or experiment urself with a new one. level up gengetsu edo to 4 star as well. hes easiest to 4 star that hashi hes free in store and survival. if unable or having hard time to 4 star new yr hashi get toadchant jiraiya in fuku or events hes worth around 18k to 40k coupons depending on how you spend in events

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learn when paytowins usually log in in arena. learn what time weaklings. or weak payto wins do events to win aginst them

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my brother you are not cooking anything im sorry

Join new server

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It's great to see you returning for some nostalgia. As for cooking, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Are you asking if you can cook food with items in the game you're playing? And are you looking for items that are available to F2P (free-to-play) players specifically?

If you can provide more context or information about the game you're playing, I might be able to provide more specific guidance.

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