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[ Bugs ] cant press


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i think i speak for everyone here that this is very difficult to press either u accidentally press the auto *on or press the wrong one. here in my example yagura is very difficult to press maybe we could lift up this block a bit? even at full still having diffuclty pressingfix

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or maybe add a scrolling option

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i agree with you it hapen to me many time

the devlopers have big screen he think all peolpe have same screen

the devloppers have perfect computer and grphic card he think all people have same thing

to much selfish

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That's a really big downside of our Naruto client that is ages behind Chinese one

They have replay system for fights AND what you want here where you can select what ninja from enemy team you want to target by clicking their top right icon (where you check enemy power it opens a list of 4 ninjas from enemy team that you can choose with out being blocked by visuals) not to mention moded CN client that is officialy allowed over there where you can freely customize battle music, backgrounds, ninja sounds even mystery animations and more.

Replay system and select option tho is so basic that it's really strange Oasis didn't update it when we switched clients for Java problem. In 1vs1 fight it's rarely a problem but in db and gnw where nowadays everyone has some clones, summons etc selecting somebody you want can be a problem or even straight up impossible in some cases.


^ that's how it looks.

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You are right, that particular cell can be difficult to interact with sometimes, especially on smaller screens. I can submit a suggestion to import the system Kiriya described, if you'd like, but this is less a bug and more just poor design due to the mystery bar overlapping that section of the battlefield. Would you like the suggestion or something else?
Let me know, thanks!

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