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[ Bugs ] Sus Shisui standard damage


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Unfortunately, we have no future knowledge on updates past when is released in the News section, so the answer to that is no.

In regards to your broad complaints about the ninja, I think you are being misleading. First, CN cannot be easily directly compared to EN since EN stacks and CN balances, so that "3-4 times damage" can be quite misleading. Second, There are quite a number of high powered players still, so the assertion that there are no such players rings quite false. Third, Shisui is arguably not overpowered. While he is more powerful than other ninjas, he has a price tag to match, and that is his balancing factor. Paygated ninjas are meant to be more expensive and more powerful than free ninjas, and this is no exception. Additionally, not all ninjas fulfill the same role of pure damage/p1 focus, so comparing him to other ninjas is not always viable; most of them have their own niche.

And finally, as you yourself mentioned, this was more of a rant than a genuine ask (I mean more in that, you did make a genuine ask, but that was 2 lines of your 24 line message), and this subforum is not for rants but for genuine help. If you would like to rant, please take it to the discord or the the general forum and keep this forum reserved for questions, help, and technical issues.

Thank you and have a great day!

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