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[ Bugs ] Sus Shisui standard damage


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I have a question, will we ever get nerfed Shisui standard version that ignores def/res only partially or we will ignore forever fact that global Shisui does standard damage same as pre nerf CN Shisui but with sluggish change making him beyond broken, uncounterable ninja for past year and next 5 years into the future?

Because "if it is working fine" then sorry but it's not and majority of high power people refuse to play the game where 1 ninja is dominating meta for so long and actually IS nerfed in home region but Oasis refuses to touch him on purpose to get money from this cancer.

Don't want to get here in details can send you videos with dmg numbers comparison if you want but it's obvious as day and night that our Shisui does literally 3-4 times more damage per standard than his CN counterpart making all ninjas that lower his damage like Swimsuit Gaara completly useless for us. You can probably see his sale rates why whales are not using Gaara so much in our region. Is he bad? No it's just lowering by 50% 4times higher base damage is pointless in our region and ends up in Shisui that still hits harder than CN no Gaara scenario. So it also hurts your money generation big time with this beyond broken ninja.

It's so crazy to the point that I can show you numbers where my friend same power does more damage with his Shisui vs my backline with BT Ashura seal than same power matchup in China with out BT seal so it's literally unplayable, what are you guys even thinking? Not to mention that no seal enemy Shisui same power almost 1 shots backline ninja with 1 standard - no buffs and no scaling.

You guys really don't think that ninja who can spam 10 standards doing 90k crits with 1 is game breaking? Compare/scale it to 6path pain for gods sake

400% higher base dmg -> on top of scaling having 4times the result = ninja that won't be surpassed in power level for next 5 years since Tencent will scale new content to theirs nerfed Shisui so maybe it's time to say ok we milked enaugh and do something about this absurd meta? aka nerf Shisui, update Indra skills, update Ashura skills, update FB Hashi skills etc and finally move on.

It's a half rant but seriously i'm so done with the state of the game and the fact that unless you guys do something it won't change for next years so might as well drop this and be done. So in conclusion can I have an answer if we keep pretending Global Shisui is fine or we will finally change him to CN version? Thank you.

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