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[ Player Guide ] Birthday Messenger - Aoneko


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Hey guys!

A new small free rewards feature has come. You can find the Aoneko NPC right next to the Kakashi Clones NPC in Konoha



He will give you small rewards for every ninjas birthday, for example the first one today 2nd February is Kidomaru and gives 10 of his fragments. This is a super common ninja, therefore not a big reward and I don't think this system will give you any rare ninjas but we'll see



Once I claimed the reward Aoneko disappeared for me, not sure if that's how it's supposed to be


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he is only standing still next to NPC Kakashi clones when he has no paket to claim.

all the days when he has a gift for 24h only he is rolling around in South-Konoha.

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10 Kidomaru and 1 Madara fragments were such game changing favor nobody asked for

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