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[ Lineup ] Full support in Bonds-GNW-3v3


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Hey guys!

I'll show you some lineup examples for full support teams. This is utilizing ninjas that can buff your entire field/teammates and barrier ninjas so you can help your teammates. It's useful when you're higher power to at least have 1 of these ninjas, but when you are lower power and can't really do much damage to your enemies it's even a better option.

The ninjas you use will highly depend on your teammates, if they are using Akatsuki ninjas, Konoha ninjas, Edo Tensei, which element etc

I already have a thread with a list of such ninjas

1. Edo/Jinchuriki Support


Fire Main can help with clearing debuffs and giving a small shield

Edo Sasori buffs Edo ninjas and gives an extra standard attack or more mystery damage, Killer Bee buffs jinchuriki ninjas and also gives an extra standard which could be stacked with Sasori's buff if necessary

2. General Support


This is some general supporting, using ninjas that will buff pretty much everyone and provide atk/nin

3. Akatsuki / Female support


Some other general recommendations by me would be using:

any Pain when you want to support Rinnengan unit, they all provide different buff

Mifune for sword units

Danzo,Darui,Onoki,Gaara,Mei,Shisui,Roshi[Edo] for the element barrier buffs, but nowadays it's easy to remove these barriers

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