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[ Player Guide ] Comparing Group Summons


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Hey guys!

This is for some beginner groups and the ones that are struggling with their activity and can't feed all the summons

Let's check out their own stats and the power gain from them

1. Serpent



This is the first summon and the worst one pretty much. He has the weakest stats and gives the least stats to your group members

If you can't feed it then just drop this one right away, we'll go ahead with comparing the others

2. Manda



My group's Manda is level 94/100 so I can't show max stats, but you can see he is already stronger with more stats/gives more stats even at a lower level than Serpent

This is the newest one currently and quite worth feeding

Skills are mostly standard attack focused with bloodthirsty: Manda does pretty much 2 standard attacks every round and when he kills a unit, he gets an extra standard attack. Also immune to debuffs

3. Gamabunta



Great stats gains and he has a very high ninjutsu

When it comes to his fighting style, he is immune to debuffs and mostly focuses on causing Tag. He has a chakra gain passive when a unit dies and can do paralysis with his mystery

Personally I like Manda better for example

4. Giant Katsuyu



Katsuyu has high life stat, other stats are pretty normal compared to Manda and Gamabunta, high compared to Serpent

Also immune to debuffs, mostly focuses on poison with everything. Standard attacks cause poison, when she gets hit she also poisons. Mystery can cause immobile

Overall if you have to choose, you can definitely rule out Serpent. As for these other 3, they are all great and almost the same in terms of stats

As for their attacks and usability in GNW fights, I personally think you should rather focus on Katsuyu and Manda. If you have some ninjas that benefit a lot from tag, then consider Gamabunta

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