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[ Lineup ] Sai [Suit] Breakthrough Lineups


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Hey guys!

The in-game description aren't really detailed enough, so I'll post screenshots from Konoha Proxy


This choice is quite complicated, +2 gives you an option to use it either on ally team to summon lions or on the enemy team to do real mystery damage

Anyway both are good


So +2 if you want to summon them in your opponent's lineup, Y if you want them for yourself and extra damage

The reason you want to summon them in your opponent's lineup is to block some op summoning ninjas like for example Orochimaru GNW


Simple choice, I usually go with mystery reduction, but +2 is also a decent choice if you see that you don't really need the mystery reduction


Again the choice between your own field and enemies field, this really depends on your enemy

Personally it's kinda weird summoning them in your enemies field, but there are some cases where it could be useful


+2 Buffs female ally units, Y buffs himself

Sadly the +2 buff is only defensive, so I would personally mostly go for Y and do more damage with Sai


Overall a very unique and interesting ninja, summoning lions in your enemies field to block them from summoning their own strong clones like for example Orochimaru GNW does.

Usable generally and has some support built into him

1. Earth Main


2. Water Main


3. Wind Main


4. Wind Main 2


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