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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 500


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Hey guys!

The last one finally, this one might be a bit difficult so good luck


Round 1: Wait for their standard attacks (last one is Tsunade's heal), use Kimimaro then Earth Main then Sasori and lastly Madara for that big damage.

Round 2: Standard attack waiting game, Madara's mystery

Keep it up to slowly finish them, it'll probably keep going until round 5-6-7 so save your mysteries in the end

Wave 2:

Round 1: Wait for their standard attacks (last one is Yugito Ni), mysteries if they are all alive Earth Main > Sasori > Kimimaro > Madara

If some of them die, it might still be alright as long as Madara is alive he will deal a lot of mystery damage + Sasori can revive

From here it should be fine, just finish them

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