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[ Bugs ] kisame's mystery not blocked by jiraya in nature training


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This bug is with us for a long time and I dont think it will go away.

If you are struggling with Water training I can give you my own team that I didn't see other people use that makes this training a complete joke and f2p friendly

Step 1 -> Create full buff 6 path Naruto team with splash mystery (so like base bee, base hashi, earth main, naruto)

Step 2 -> Make hashirama barrier, give naruto extra standard from bee, chakra wall and see if Naruto resets his mystery

Step 3 -> If Naruto doesn't reset his mystery or kills exact Ao clone showed below go back and try again.

Step 4 -> If Naruto did reset his mystery and clone is alive instantly drop your Naruto mystery on that clone which will kill almost entire field and then cleanup easly few ninjas that are alive - why it kills the field 1 may ask? Ao clone has 0 defensive stats so your splash is absurd.

Water training

There is a better team for biggest whales but so far for me even now I prefer to just drop Naruto nuke and be done with it. At my power (2,7m) it clears in 2 rounds.

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  • Tachibana Saeko On 2023-01-24 05:17:10
  • Hello,
    Unfortunately this is not a bug. As with many PVE modes, enemy units ignore Jiraiya's barrier effect. Sorry about this! :(

Obviously it's a bug what are you even talking about. Naruto Online is not a game with passives / skills that have split effects for PvE and PvP modes.

In ninja talent description there is nothing about Jirayia mystery not working for PvE content so better think what you tell people because If it's not a bug then what, a scam translation from devs misleading people? If it's how it is then it should clearly say "it doesn't work for PvE modes" like any other half decent game does

It's clearly not Oasis fault that some game modes were made 5 years ago and new ninjas have bugs in those game modes but telling us that this is intended / fine / not a bug whatever is absurd.

I wonder what would you say if enemy units ignored mystery damage from paywall ninja, also "unfortunately this is not a bug, thats how it works in pve, sorry"? I don't think so.

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  • teemonly On 2023-01-25 14:15:25
  • Game definitely has split effects for PvE and PvP. Simplest example: Group summon and 9Tails will always remain immune. Kisame barrier not giving a dam about Jiraiya is simply the same. Because Nature Training was there before Jiraiya Toad Chant's mechancics were introduced and mobs are clearly not updated to behave in accordance.

Its not a split between PvE and PvP my little genius but simple immunity level 3 to debuffs or super armor that is added to 9tails and minions in infinite illusion so obviously control from Jirayia or other ninjas dont work on them. Forget 9tails I can bring level 2 immunity ninja like Hashirama or Ashura and you won't be able to control me in PvP. Like dude do you even think before writing?

As for 2nd part you just copied what I said lol. Obviously problem with that mystery is that those exams were added before Jirayia but it's not "normal" that it doesn't work. It's a bug and old modes should be updated to fix it but this developer just doesn't care about game anymore so we are fed bs like "that's not a bug" [note for forum big brains by dev I mean Tencent not Oasis] and what's even more sad that people like you exist defending them.


So even people on this forum understand I will make myself perfectly clear:

That's how games make split between PvP and PvE by adding passives like:

"Depletes 2 orb(s) from the Ultimate Move Gauge(s) of all enemies at the end of the turn When *ly hero defeats an enemy during *lied turn in PVP"

Plain and simple even a kid knows then that this passive WILL NOT work in any other game mode outside of PvP.

There is nothing like this in Naruto Online meaning there is absolutly no excuse for ninjas like Toad Jirayia not working in ninja exams / training and other modes if you think otherwise then there is no hope for you.

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