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[ Help ] Some questions about the game


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Hey all
I've started playing this game since december 2022 on the one of new servers, so I'm a complete beginner

Now I see that the server is slowly dying
Whatever, it was my first and training account
I've reached lvl 73 and 24365 power

The result could have been better, but I kept all the seal scrolls and coupons, with almost 1500 cave keys in reserve

However, as far as I'm concerned, the result is still bad.

Actually, the question is:

is this the fate of every server? how often do people change accounts? is it even worth playing 1-2 accounts and not having to change servers all the time?

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Every server ends up dying before they get merged, then they die again and you'd need a 2nd merge, hell sometimes 3 and even then the server ends up dying.

If you enjoy the game, just keep playing. But changing servers over and over won't help you. 2nd Accounts can be great to help deal with Arena dailies.

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