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[ Help ] Laceration or Laceration ( Yes its a question )


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Laceration : Units Under this Debuff will have their healing Reduced by 50 percent (As seen on Halloween Kimimaru)


Laceration on Mizuki (Curse mark ) as i am Reading it as a 3 star with chinese Lettering Is as Follows >>When Units Under this Debuff Recieve a Shield The Shield will be Canceled and That Unit Suffers 70 percent of the Shields Amount as Damage

So is this correct or is there more then One Laceration we are Not Aware of or some Advanced Laceration only for Mizuki

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Translation error, the one on Kimimaro Halloween is the correct one and applies to both. The shield-hurts-you one never made it to live on CN (bugged, afair)

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feels like a new buff is coming - irremovable shield

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