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[ Events ] Christmas Event – Tell Hokage a Joke or a Riddle


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Christmas Event – Tell Hokage a Joke or a Riddle - Period: December 23rd - December 30th (6 pm GMT)

Hello! Greetings to all Shinobi!

Welcome to the event of the season, tell Hokage a Joke or a Riddle! Whether you are here for the fun or the prizes, I really thank you guys for joining us this Christmas.

It’s the season to be jolly? But what is this? The Hokage is alone for the season, so we have a task for you!

Create a joke or riddle and we will randomly pick some to tell the Hokage. Much fun isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Get going!

How to Participate:

To participate, please create an original Joke or Riddle. Please do not give us someone else’s joke or riddle. The Hokage will know and not be happy.

Please also make sure the Joke or Riddle is about the Naruto universe.

Important Note:

Please fill out the Christmas 2022 Registration Form found HERE to be eligible for prizes.


500 coupons to eligible participants, up to a maximum of 50 eligible participants.

Reminder: Please make sure to submit the correct information to qualify for rewards.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


Thank you,

Naruto Online Operation Team


Appreciate everyone for coming out and participating in our event to tell a joke/riddle to Hokage! We will make an announcement really soon. There are many really good ones haha, definitely chuckled out loud too many times.

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Santa Claus comes to the psychiatrist and says:

- Doctor, help me, I don't believe in myself anymore!

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Im one but i can be many,im lonely but im never alone,im a human but im also a monster who am I?

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What does Nagato call Yahiko if he is resurrected by Edo Tensei but is unable to perform Taijutsu?

- A Nintendo.

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What did Konan give to Nagato and Yahiko for Christmas? Papermint candy.

Happy Christmas to everyone and happy new year.

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I can teleport and edible but i cant move by myself. What am I?

Flying rajin Candy:)

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How many Uchiha does it take to change a lightbulb?
3, which is why they live in darkness

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Yo mama is so fat, she signed a summoning contract with a cake

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One day Tobirama meets up his favorite author in heaven:

-"So i have read through your book and it inspired me greatly, instantly felt connected" he says.

-" Thanks to you and my big brother, I managed to channel my hate and finally found enlightenment.."

" ..and then I raised a pupil, Hiruzen.." he continues. But the man doesn't seem interested.

"Though i couldn't achieve my dream when i was alive," he continues: "But Hiruzen exactly knew what to do in my stead.."

Seeing his idol wasn't even listening, Tobirama requests:

-Not even a word, sir?


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Why couldn't Naruto open his Christmas presents?

Because they were all sealed!

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Naruto to Tobirama: You know how to use shadow clone jutsu stone face guy

Tobirama to Naruto: I created that jutsu

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Kushina was cleaning the bathroom, then she saw "hiraishin kunai" hanging there, Minato was there close to Kushina ,

she said : omg minato this is wonderful ,you really have good decoration skills

he response : yeah ! but actualy it's for my teleportation !

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dear hokage!~ i know a joke on guy, did you know that one day guy visited danzo !?:

guy: "knock knock" !!

danzo "who's there" !1!!!1

guy entered "it's me might guy, i wanna be an anbu too" XD

danzo "not every jonin is suitable" X(

guy "why!? i'm not less able than kakashi" @.@

danzo "you lack a certain quality to be anbu" X(

guy hyped "omg, what's that ?" o_O

danzo "darkness in ur soul" =,=

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I fight for peace and humanity , but still not human , do you know who am I?

Mecha Naruto

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What did the Hokage get for Christmas?

A new set of paperwork

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Why are the Akatsuki members searching for konan in the middle of the pandemic.

They ran out of toilet paper supplies....

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- Why Danzo won't ever need to wear glasses?

- Because he has a lot of spare eyes

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Watch out sasuke naruto will beat you with the fart jutsu

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Madara - In this paper are all the ways you can kill me.

The 5 Kage - But that paper is blank.

Madara- Exactly.

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I have a body, but no head.
I am always hungry and I am never fed. What am I?

(answer: A ramen bowl)

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