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[ Player Guide ] Level 6 Friendship Season Mission


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Annoying with Lv6 Friendship Season Mission? Below are F2P guide to finish the mission.

1. Send gift

- send coin to your friend, and vice versa

- never use ingots

- point: 1 point per gift (2 points per day, when friend send to you)

2. Do team mission

- team up with your friend & do either Team Instances or Wanted Mission

- point: 3 points per day

3. Wishing tree

- go to Wishing Tree in Home interface & water your friend's tree, and vice versa

- point: 1 point per watering (2 points per day, when friend water your tree)

4: Hot springs

- go to Hot Springs in Home interface with your friend & click your friend name, and vice versa

- point: 1 point per click (2 points per day, when friend click you in hot spring)

Total points: 9 points per day

Total points needed from friendship Lv1 to Lv6: 1 + 5 + 10 + 15 + 20 = 51 points ~ 6 days

Once you get Lv6 friendship, unfriend your friend, then add the same friend again.. repeat all the steps.

Total days to complete season mission: 9 Lv6 frienship x 6 days = 54 days

Days needed can be shorter if you have more friends but some methods have limit per day.


- If u almost get Lv6 frienship, eg. 19/20 points, dont do team mission that granted 3 points, or else you will waste the extra 2 points. Instead just do the method that give 1 point.

- Once you done Hot Springs method (gained 2 points) & managed to get Lv6, after you unfriend & add back your friend, you can go back to Hot Springs & redo the method one more time with same friend. You will get another 2 points.. nice right?

Good luck

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You can get 3 points also for killing 1 random npc outside konoha but not sure if it shares with TI/WM.

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