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[ Player Guide ] New Summon Kyodaigumo


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Hey guys!

Just a friendly reminder that we got a new summon. I also want to give a few comments


Same as the last chase we got it covers 3 different statuses and causes knockdown + triggered twice each round. In my opinion that is really strong and versatile and could fit virtually any team, but especially the ones that need knockdown. These days a lot of ninjas scale with chases so having something like this helps a lot.


Here is the mystery description from konoha proxy. I don't see this initiative suppression part in the in-game description so not sure if it's there currently but we can assume it is.

Overall and nice little unavoidable damage mystery as a bonus to your normal main character mystery. Being able to decrease some initiative is a plus especially in round 1 because it improves your chances of being faster in round 2

The summon is without a doubt one of the better ones in both mystery and chases, however is kinda pay to play sadly and then there's a question if it's really worth the money. I guess it depends if you are getting it as an extra for recharging with other rewards it's not that bad. But directly buying it or something isn't your go-to option

And yes "Kyodaigumo" is a Japanese word that literally just means "Giant Spider"

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