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[ Player Guide ] New Event Nine-Star Treasure Hunt


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Hey guys!




Looks like an amazing event with great rewards at a first glance, but there's a big catch. As it often is in these kind of games, it's luck based and also requires ingots and can't be done with coupons.

It's not just these packs, there are also some consolation rewards from the points that you use:


They really lack good power items, it's almost non-existent. So if you want any of these ninjas it's alright.

Here is the game description:


Sadly I won't be testing this event, so I can't tell you the exact cost and chances of each level. But the diamond prize is crazy good so your main goal should of course be level 9

The worst thing is that you can lose your level, therefore you have to buy the protection item and pray for good luck

I assume it will be very expensive honestly considering those ninjas and what they usually cost. If someone does it, please do comment how much it took.

Good luck if anyone plans on doing it

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