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[ Fanfiction ] ACDC "Highway to Hell" Kyuubi edition (parody)


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Yes, it's game/Naruto-related XD (fanfiction of a sort?)
it needs work though, so call your songwriting friends and LESS DO THIS THAAAANG

"It ain't easy gettin' creamed, season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing 'cept "leave me be", gotta learn to take it in my stride
Has no reason, has no rhyme, just what the devs want us to do
Goin' down, Kyuubi time, my friends are gonna be there too...

I'm on the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiighway to hell, on the hiiiiiiiighway to hell
Hiiiiiiiiiiiighway to hell, I'm on the hiiiiiiiiighway to hell.... mmmm....

No stop signs, speed limit, only the lag's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it, gonna let Kyuubi toss me around
Hey Jashin, payin' my dues, running back to pay them again
Hey mama, look at me, I'm on my way to the promised land...

WHEEEEW! I'm on the hiiiiiiiighway to hell, hiiiiiiiighway to hell
I'm on the hiiiiiiiiiiighway to hell, hiiiiighway to hell..... let's stop this... KYUUBI WHOOOA

(air guitar with Hidan's sickle)

I'm on the hiiiiiiiiighway to hell, on the hiiiiiighway to hell
I'm on the hiiighway to hell, on the hiiighway.... YEEEEAHHH
Hiiiiiiiighway to hell, I'm on the hiiiiiiiiighway to hell
Hiiiiiiiiighway to hell, hiiiiiiiighway to hell...

and I'm going dooooooooooownnn.... ALLLL THE WAAAY WHOOOOOOOOAAAAH (on the highway to hellllll) Yeah!"

that's all. XD

I want to incorporate:
1. getting the kill
2. getting coupons
3. more lag
4. the cooldown
5. how much the boosts cost

help please~
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