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[ Player Guide ] New Mode Duel Arena


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Hey guys!


Wanted to explain this new mode, hopefully it'll also be coming back

At first glance it looks kinda like ranked battles or 3v3 fights, but it's actually just a normal 1v1 arena fight with level 110 characters and everyone with same stats.

The only catch is that you have an option between 3 teams, the enemy can ban 1 of your teams and you get to pick one of the two remaining ones to use. That makes it for some interesting mind games on what to ban and what to use depending on your enemies team etc.

But generally if you have 3 op teams you will have a very high chance of winning, so this mode requires a good amount of strong ninjas/teams.


Here are the rules,

1. You can basically do it the whole day from 10am to 10pm

2. Makes it harder when you have strong ninjas with the same name

3. Same as arena, same stats for everyone except initiative

4. Sage of Six paths rank like in arena

5. Cross server


Daily missions can give you some decent rewards


First time rank rewards:


Rank rewards at the end of the season:


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  • KonoKazuma On 2023-01-31 23:23:01
  • any idea when it will come back?

Currently not known sadly

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any idea when it will come back?

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I love this update.


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