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[ Suggestions ] Demand For New Seal Scroll Function


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Demand For New Seal Scroll Function

I have all treasure ninjas excepted sasuke susano o and kurama naruto

So I need you to put events ninja to new seal treasure like Asian style itachi 500 seal scroll to hit it other 10 seal scroll Madara Ten Tails Attatchment Hinata ASIAN STYLE Konan swimsuit Itachi Edo Naruto 6p Hidan Akatsuki Jugo Taka Squad

Consider about it

Even just give 2 or 5 or 10 frags each ten draws

Or Use seal scroll to trade something useful

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Examples as Asian Style Treasure Kimono Treasure Taisho Period Treasure Swimsuit Treasure Taka Squad Treasure Summer Treasure

Open as 105 level 110 level 115 level either

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I will submit your suggestion for consideration, but please remember that suggestions are put forth as things to be considered by the devs, not guarantees of implementation. At present, we get a few fragments of paygated ninjas like Asura for 500-800 scrolls, so expecting a full recruit of a paygated ninja for the same amount is probably unrealistic, and, as a result, this may not be implemented.
Thanks and have a great day!

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