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[ Player Guide ] Wheel of Fortune 800 spins October 2022


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Hey guys!

Again I got the 80 fragments ninja from this Wheel so I gotta say those are pretty consistent. This time at 190 spins


Screenshot_25 (2)

Generally decently worth, especially if you want those 80 fragment ninjas. I'm not trying to promote you guys to spin by saying the 80 fragment drop rates are good, but it's a fact that I got them in my last 3 times spinning this wheel. The 100 rare fragments one is kinda impossible to get in my experience haha

The main reason I'm doing these spins is for the 10 Shisui fragments in the point rewards, this was not included in my value calculation, these days they are worth like 10-20k depending on where you are trying to get them


Items before:


Items after:


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Has anyone ever even seen the real "jackpot" drop? (100 pain in current one)

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  • LKNaruto On 2022-12-15 18:52:29
  • Has anyone ever even seen the real "jackpot" drop? (100 pain in current one)

Definitely very very low chance, I wouldn't spin just for it

I did 800 spins like 4-5 times so far and never got it, but then again my luck isn't the best

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