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I am the first one to complain when something is not done right and I'm also the first one to be thankful when you do something good.
Thanks for fixing the Edo Fu situation adding her to the carnival event. When I asked about her I told you to add her in a shop so players could just buy her fragments but this helps even further and I appreciate it.

I regret what happened this week and is why I make this post in the suggestions section. We have to try to improve the communication between staff & players. How much easier and better would've been to say "thanks, we'll look into it", rather than just deleting two posts without a word? You gave a swift solution to the problem and you showed that you cared and paid attention, having done so without fighting would've been better but well it doesn't matter now.

Thanks again for offering this fix to the issue quickly and thanks to every player that supported my posts before they got erased, I'm not so sure we would've got a solution this early or at all without you giving your input about the problem with me, so this is also thanks to you.

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