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[ Player Guide ] Wheel of Fortune 800 spins October 2022


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Hey guys!

Like I said in the previous thread I mainly started spinning these for the 10 Shisui fragments in the point rewards and will of course show you the results for science purposes. I will say the same thing as the previous thread.

The wheel isn't really worth power-based, only for the ninjas if needed because the new 80x fragment ninjas seem to have an ok drop rate. I got Itachi [Edo Tensei] 80x in 250 spins here, last time Konan [Angel of God] 80x in 700 spins.

However don't have high hopes for the jackpot 100x fragment prize


Screenshot_13 (2)

Again, the point rewards aren't counted here. You can consider the Shisui fragments + other small rewards around 15000 more value if you need it.

Items before spinning:


Items after spinning:


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Thanks for the brief info :)

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