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[ Player Guide ] Wheel of Fortune 800 spins September 2022


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Hey guys!

I started spinning this Wheel of Fortune mainly because of the 10 Shisui fragments for the 800 spins reward (16000 coupons/ingots). I am missing around 60 fragments for his 4* breakthrough so I'm collecting it slowly. Here are some results to see if it's worth spinning for yourself

Long story short: not really worth for the power items, the new 80 fragment ninjas added and the 10 shisui fragments are kinda worth if you need it. The 800 fragments drop rate seems to be ok and quite possible to get within 800 spins. I got Konan 80x at around 700 spins here, but since I'm posting this quite late I already did another Wheel of Fortune 800 spins and got Edo Tensei Itachi 80x fragments also at around 250 spins in the next one.


Screenshot_13 (2)

Keep in mind that the point rewards are not counted here, if you include those you could get like 15000 more value because Shisui fragments are very valuable.

Items before spinning:


items after spinning:


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