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[ Suggestions ] Remove Autobuy Function from Refine & Charm Upgrade


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May i suggest to remove autobuy function from refine & charm upgrade

i personally believed no one will ever use that function, even super whales player

usually we will open refine box until certain number of refine (usually 800 during refine rebate).. then will proceed with auto-upgrade until all refine rune finished

sometimes there will be instance that autobuy function will be clicked (i've experienced despite never clicking that option)

if the player did not notice that tick autobuy option they maybe accidentally upgrade (by using autoupgrade) & was forced to buy refine or charm

we c*ways buy manually from store which how much that we are needed at that time.. definitely no need autobuy

i hope my suggestion will be considered

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I will submit this suggestion for you, however please keep in mind that just because you do not use it does not mean it is not used. I have known a number of people that have used this function. It is mostly used by whales that do not care about the expense and want to do it quickly.
Thanks and have a great day!

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