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[ Strategy Share ] New SA Easy Solo for Lightning


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Hey everyone~

Honestly, I think this one is way easier than the Hanzo one. Just use a team capable of having at least three of four members alive by round 3.
I solo'ed the easy level on my third try with this team:

Team Row 1: Sakura x Hinata

Team Row 2: x x x

Team Row 3: lightning main Neji (normal, not GNW!) x

Talents: Lightning Armor, Beam of Light, Chidori Sharp Spear, Anbu Special Assault Tactics, Bloodthirsty Demon, White Snake summon.

(I'm new to this class though, so please use whatever talents you think would be better.)
(Also the combos - I didn't think them through, just went in; change the talents/summon if it works better.)

Wave 1 Round 1: Hinata's move. That's it.

Wave 1 Round 2: Use Neji's interrupt quickly on either the back or top Zetsu.

(I target the back one because that's the one not hit by taijutsu for a while. Also, he seems to go second, or is it just me? - so he's easier to interrupt. Target him ahead of time, as in select him in round 1 but DON'T get trigger happy until round 2.)

Wave 1 round 3: use lightning armor. Don't try to take down the Zetsu before round 3 or you won't have Neji's interrupt for wave 2.

Wave 2 round 4: I wasn't able to interrupt Haku's crazy move; it'll take you down to 100 HP for everyone, pretty much. If you're doing this with cloning ninja (confirmed by Kabuto) he will target clones instead of ninja (I think it's 4 total?) but I couldn't do it with Kabuto and I could with Sakura. Anyway, use Sakura's heal immediately after the megahit, and try to interrupt Haku's barrier with Neji - if you can't, don't worry; wait until next round and interrupt the skill itself and the barrier will go.(edited)

Wave 2 round 5+: just use mysteries to wear them away. It's not worth it to try and interrupt Zabuza's mist. Zabuza doesn't do much in this wave anyway.

Wave 3 round n: Hidan goes immediately; for me he targets Hinata but doesn't kill her. Don't bother interrupting him. Use Sakura's megaheal next chance you get.

Wave 3 round n + 1: interrupt Kakuzu's 2nd round move quickly (again, target him ahead of time). And just wear them away until you win ^_^ sometimes it'll be Neji alone against Hidan at half HP and Kakuzu near zero; just count on Neji's tai for Kakuzu and use the interrupt move as a damage dealer against Hidan.

And that's it ^_^ good luck!

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I dit it with main light, Hinata, GWN Kiba and orochimaru + momka dog Shiba ... 33609&fromuid=18311
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  • shimimi On 2016-10-04 00:32:18
  • I dit it with main light, Hinata, GWN Kiba and orochimaru + momka dog Shiba ... 33609&fromuid=18311
Do you have 3* GNW Kiba? My server started August 2 T_T so I don't have him 3* yet.
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*For Fire*

just beat it (easy solo) with:

Sakura Neji (normal) x
x x x
fire main GNW Kiba x

Dragon Flame
Flame Jutsu
Phoenix Fire
Genjitsu Mirror
Oboro Clone
chameleon summon

again, tweak as necessary.
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^ Don't have GNW Kiba. Other suggestions?
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  • RLMadara On 2016-10-04 04:34:44
  • ^ Don't have GNW Kiba. Other suggestions?
Anyone with a good AOE and preferably clones. Normal Kiba would work here too.
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Normal Solo Strong Approaching for Fire
Row 1: fire main, normal Neji, empty. Row 2: empty. Row 3: Sakura, GNW KIba, empty.
Talents: Dragon Flame, Feather Illusion (why do I use that? never mind, Flame Jutsu), Fire Ball, Genjitsu Mirror, Oboro Clone, summon: Shiba.
Wave 1 round 1: nothing. Wave 1 round 2: interrupt the archer in the very back.
Wave 2 round 1: use Dragon Flame on Kakuzu and GNW Kiba on Hidan, or switch them. Then use tai for the rest of this round.
Wave 2 round 2: interrupt Kakuzu and let Hidan take out Neji. Heal with Sakura if you're getting really low.
Wave 2 round 3: take them out same round with tai.
Wave 3 round 1: interrupt Animal Path immediately; use tai on Hidan and the panda summon until you win~
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it's really a good tactic
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