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[ Help ] Please help me and Azure Fang!


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how I was feeling about naruto Online this year. me and Azure Fang in January, all exicited and ready to start a new year in Naruto Online. then me and Azure Fang until we hit the Fight together mission where you have to use a giant frog instead of our team. we were like okay so this is a thing.... Me and Azure Fang after getting absolutly destroyed by that mission. so we trained, raised our level and scores and number on ninja and aquired an armor costume we immediatly equiped it. and like oh yes time to progress the main story line! and then 3 months of loosing to the frog mission. and now here in September we still have not won and we are begging you for any kind of help and/or advice to finally beat the thing before January of 2023 (we started fighting in in Janmuarry of this year and have tried to clear this mission well over a hundred times) . If we can pull it off both me and Azure Fang will be grateful to you

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well ain't this an interesting post

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