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What this? Just don't need to Dns, cash and restarting the computer, I've done this twice already, mini client, As I write, the Internet works well. I don’t want to support, I know their answer, they are like robots. "Dns-cash-restart computer" this ssttuuppid.


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This issue is usually caused by a poor connection to the game server (which is not the same as a poor internet connection). If you've already cleared cash, flushed DNS, and rebooted, your remaining options are to try VPN programs (and all of the servers the programs have available to you) or contacting your ISP for assistance.

In extreme cases, if a VPN does not work it often means that the outage is too close to you to be routed around, meaning you will have to wait until it is fixed. :( I would again recommend contacting your ISP in this scenario.

If you are certain the issue is not on your end, you can try contacting CS by putting in an ingame ticket to have them take a look at your account.
Thank you!

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