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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 18th of August


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Dear Ninja,

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 18/08/22! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

Weekly Strong Ninja

Madara Uchiha [The Final Battle]

Hashirama Senju [The Final Battle]

Itachi Uchiha [Chinese Style]

Theme Arena [Return to Konoha] added: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

New Summon added: Gamahiro

New Skill Trial/Breakthrough added: Kimimaru [Halloween]

1. "Total Recharge Rebate" added.

Want your money to be valuable? Then, it's now time to recharge! The more ingots you recharge, the more valuable rebates you can get!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th


a) Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

b) Sever must be opened for more than 14 days.

How To:During the event, players who recharge the required number of Ingots can get different rewards as rebate. The Ingots recharged will be ac*ulated during the event. New Total Recharge Pack V*20 await you!

New Total Recharge Pack V:(Select one of the following rewards)

Gamahiro’s fragment*5

Kimimaru [Halloween]’s fragment*5

Jugo [Curse Mark State Two]’s fragment*4

Training Potion*100

Deluxe Myoboku Optional Pack*10

Secret Scroll Optional Pack*5

2. "Anniversary Red Envelope" added.

Every single recharge can get you an unbelievable rebate! Send or Get Red Envelopes! Celebrate together!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

How To:

a) During the event, obtain a Recharge Rebate and a Red Envelope Rebate for every recharge!

b) Obtain a maximum of 20.000 Coupons as Recharge Rebate and a maximum of 10.000 Coupons to send through Red Envelopes to other members from your Group.

c) Each player can send a maximum of 100 Red Envelopes and can receive a maximum of 5.000 Coupons from other members' Red Envelopes.

d) A Red Envelope which was already sent is valid for 2 hours, after which it will be unclaimable. The value sent inside the Red Envelope will not be returned.

e) Ingots recharged during the period of the event will be ac*ulated to both Recharge Rebate and Red Envelope Rebate.

f) The Group channel is limited to 70 messages at once. If more than 70 messages are sent while the link to claim the Red Envelope is shown, the link to claim Red Envelopes will no longer be displayed and it will be lost for all other Group members.

3. "Break Golden Eggs" added.

Super value rewards in every golden egg, recharge and get a hammer! Break golden eggs to see what you can get!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 20th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Recharge 50 ingots can obtain 1 hammer. Limit of 100 Hammers daily. (50 ingots should be recharged on the same day, if split recharge in different days, you cannot get a hammer.)

b) Consume a hammer and 20 ingots/coupons to break a Golden Egg. Hammer won’t be refreshed daily.

c) Rewards in Golden Eggs random drop:

Small Myoboku’s Optional Pack*10,

Cave Key*10,

Secret Scroll Pack*2

Training Potion*8

New Refine Optional Pack*1

Advance Skill Trial Pack*1

Itachi Uchiha [Chinese Style]*80


4. "Crazy Slot Machine" added.

Recharge Ingots to have a chance at spinning the Slot Machine! Super rare ninja and other rewards are waiting for you!

Period: Aug 21st-Aug 24th

How To:

During the event, for each time you recharge 100 Ingots in the game, you will get a spin for a chance to get a neat prize! "Spins" obtained for this week's events need to be used in time, once the events end, the "Spins" you didn't use will be reset to 0.

Every time you spin it, there is a guaranteed prize! Outstanding ninjas and other fantastic prizes can be obtained! The prizes awarded will be in accordance to your matches in the Slot Machine!

1st Prize: Slot Machine Jackpot Package XI*1(Select one of the following rewards)

Shisui Uchiha [Susano’o]’s fragment*100

Obito [Ten-tails Jinchuriki]’s fragment*100

Pain-Tendo [Six Paths Rinnegan]’s fragment*100

Deidara [Rinne Festival]’s fragment*180

Itachi Uchiha [Chinese Style]’s fragment*180


2nd Prize: Slot Machine Super Value Package VI*1(Select one of the following rewards)

Hashirama Senju [The Final Battle]’s fragment*20

Shisui Uchiha [Susano’o]’s fragment*30

Deidara [Rinne Festival]’s fragment*40

Black Zetsu’s fragment*40

Itachi Uchiha [Chinese Style]’s fragment*80

Obito Uchiha [Ten Tails Attachment]’s fragment*100

3rd Prize: Slot Machine Lucky Pack VIII*1(Select one of the following rewards)

Obito Uchiha [Ten Tails Attachment]’s fragment*5

Kinkaku - Ginkaku [Gold and Silver Brothers]’s fragment*5

Jugo [Curse Mark State Two]’s fragment*5

Orochimaru [Great Ninja War]’s fragment*2

Black Zetsu’s fragment*2

Hashirama Senju [The Final Battle]’s fragment*1

Shisui Uchiha [Susano’o]’s fragment*1

5. "Konoha Gift Shop" new events added.

Come and have a look at the Gift Shop. Don’t hesitate to purchase anything you want!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

How to:

a) Items in the Daily shop will refresh every day.

b) Items in the limited shop won’t refresh every day.

6. "Daily Spending Rebate" added.

Do you have Ingots to use? Use the required number of Ingots to get all sorts of valuable rewards!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th


a) Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

b) Sever must be opened for more than 14 days.

7. "Sakura's Gift" added.

Do you like Sakura? If you do, show how much you like her by helping when she is most in trouble! Get Sakura to like you and she will offer you rewards!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players can find NPC Sakura in West Konoha or click on “Sakura” in the event’s interface to find her;

b) Sakura will give one task to players per day. Complete the given task and return to Sakura to obtain rewards from her – “Sakura’s Foodsack”;

c) Open “Sakura’s Foodsack” to get a random in backpack will random get Rice Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri or Panda Onigiri as gifts. Players also can buy Sakura’s Foodsack in Purchase-Limit Shop;

d) Send gifts (Onigiri) to Sakura in the event interface to increase your Friendliness. (Rice Onigiri: 1 Point; Salmon Onigiri: 3 Points; Panda Onigiri: 5 Points) Players can *exchange Friendliness for items/ninja in the event;

e) This event will reset at 5:00 AM. Complete your old task first in order to receive a new task from Sakura;

f) Reach Friendliness over 1000 to enter the Ranking. The TOP 20 players will get extra awesome rewards! Rewards will be sent to the mailbox once the event is over.

8. "Fateful Choice" added.

Decide the fate of the Shinobi World! Which side are you on? Will the next generation of ninja live to tell another day, or will all of us be part of an endless dream? Contribute to your side to get rewards!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

Use Orbs of Vitality to contribute to either the Naruto Side or the Sasuke Side;

When the event ends, players who have more than 750 contributions will obtain Epic Refine Rune*10.

In the last day of the event, players can only claim rewards, and are unable to further participate in the event! Don’t miss out!

9. "Fishing Mania" event added.

Many good stuff in fish market, catch some fish to exchange goods you want!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Login every day to claim free baits once in the Fishing Mania interface, it will be refreshed daily at 5AM.

b) Clear instances (includes Elite instances) to have a chance of it dropping a bait.

c) Use different bait (weak, standard, Flawless) in their corresponding scenery to get different species of fish (Click Go Fishing to reach the destination automatically). Fish c*so be bought from the Shop.

d) Offer your fresh fish in exchange for Fishing Points, use Points directly in the Fish Market.

e) Points rules: Herring*1= 1 Fishing Points; Carp*1= 3 Fishing Points; Catfish*1=5 Fishing Points; Tropical Fish*1= 15 Fishing Points.

10. "Lucky *" added.

Want stronger ninja? Use Ingots or Coupons to draw them in the Lucky *!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 65 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Use Ingots or Coupons to Draw and have a try!

b) Every Draw is rewarded with a prize!

Besides having a chance at drawing amazing rewards from this event, fixed rewards will also be awarded to players who draw a given number of times, check below:

Draw 50: Ninja Assist Cultivation Pack*1

Draw 100: Lucky * Gift Pack VI*1

Draw 200: Lucky * Gift Pack VI*2

Draw 300: Lucky * Gift Pack VI*3

Draw 500: Lucky * Gift Pack VI*4

Lucky * Gift Pack VI:(Select one of the following rewards)

Hinata [Chinese Style]*8

Hiruzen Sarutobi [New Year]*8

Sai [Swimsuit]*8

Hinata [Wedding Dress]*8

Hiruzen Sarutobi [Hokage Successor]*8

Jackpot Prize: Coupons*40000

11. "Time Limited Charm Rebate" added.

Want to be more powerful? Upgrade your Charms and get Points! Use those Points to exchange for rewards to fasten your Power enhancement!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 60 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Obtain 1 Point for each time you use Charms materials.

b) Reach a given number of Points to get the corresponding rewards during the event’s period.

12. "Battle Armor Panic Buy" added.

Time to upgrade your Battle Armor! Materials at big discounts! Ingots you use upgrading your Battle Armor will be counted during the event so that you can claim Gift Packs!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must have reached Level 43 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, players can buy Battle Armor materials at huge discounts.

b) Receive extra Gift Packs by using Ingots in this event. Remark: Ingots used in other events will not be counted. If you buy the threads directly in shop, the ingots spent will also not be counted.

c) Only Ingots can be used in this event.

13. "Battle Armor Rebates" added.

Go and upgrade your Battle Armor to get extra rebates and achievement packs!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must have reached Level 43 in order to participate.

How to:

a) Find this event in Hot Topics; get rewards by upgrading your armor to the required level during the event.

b) Achievement Gifts can be claimed after you reach the required rank of your armor. Each player can only get this achievement gift once in his playtime.

14. "Ninjutsu Training" added.

Complete the Ninjutsu training and win all rewards!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must reach Level 50 in order to participate.

How To:Within the specified time, click according to the corresponding movement requirements of Ninja to complete the special training of Ninja and win the reward!

15. "Wishing Lanterns" added!

Ninjas in the Naruto World will release the Wishing Lanterns in hope that their wishes can become true. Support each other to make your lanterns fly higher! Rewards await you!

Period: Aug 18th-Aug 24th

Requirements:Players must have reached Level 16 in order to participate.

How to:

a) During the event, click “Release A Wishing Lantern” from 9:00 to 24:00 to participate in the event. You can release a Lantern once daily.

b) After the Lantern is released, you can click on your own Wishing Lantern to request your Group Members’ Support to make your lantern fly even higher. After you request help, a Cooldown Time of 5 minutes will be in effect. Click on other Ninja’ lanterns in the interface to Show your Support to them. As a reward, the Support shown to others will also make your Lantern fly 100m higher! The same lantern can only be supported twice daily.

c) Click the small lantern on the right top of the interface to open the “Requests” interface, in which you can check the requests from Group Members. Use “Support All” *on to support ninjas in One-Click.

d) The higher your Lantern flies, the better the rewards you can obtain! Players can only receive one reward daily. The rewards will be sent to your email after the event ends at 24:00.

e) Daily Showing/Receiving Support limits: 20 times.

16. New packs are available in the "Purchase Limit" shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance.

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events is set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!


All information present in this thread might be changed during the process of update. The final list of Events and implementation is available in the game.

Thank you for all your support to us,

Naruto Online Operation Team


You may also join our Official Naruto Online Discord Channel or our Official Facebook Page to know more about the events.

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where the * the Konoha Outlets????????

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Fire Work ? :(

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terrible events

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* event again...thx

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Good Kimmi BT another 50/50....... more

P.S. Intersting Kimi hard how Kisame or no? 40k coupon 0001 %

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Pls change konoha gift shop instead of konoha outlets

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where's konoha outlet ???

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it has been 2 months without purification rebate, i am still waiting for this

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kimi bt lets go!!!

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  • K1ngTheBoy On 2022-08-17 20:08:10
  • Fire Work ? :(

Fireworks is on the last week of each month.

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Zaku: Guys can you see the fun? I can't find it
Kin: I can't detect it even with my sound sensor jutsu!
Dosu: This must be a plot to destroy the fun, we will inform Orochimaru-sama.

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Just sell the game to epic games to revive it and to add new content and events because y'all dont know what to do

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Gamahiro... wow.

Let me restate a vow I once made in the past: once Dosu gets in, I will honest to god never remove him from my team for the rest of the time I am playing this game. I do not care how difficult it makes the game, when Dosu is the only reason why I'm still interested in this game anyways. This has been my game plan since I first started playing the game a few days after its launch—in fact the reason why I tried this game in the first place was to see whether Dosu was there or not—and this is still my plan now, and no amount of years will change that.

The punchline is that it's been like what, six years... and no meaningful progress has been made, so the chances of that day coming are dimming.

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Whole summer no event sage 'something' where u use keys to refresh purchasable goods.

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keeping in pattern with this entire year, not a single event worth logging in for, worse events than every other region, a skillbreak that no one was excited about because its largely useless in the current meta and a terrible recharge event with terrible "reward" options but with a shiny new summon thrown on top, trying to mask a cake made of feaces by putting a single cherry on top of it. The only reason I even know what these events are is because I have been keeping in touch with a few people, but I think i'll bite the bullet and create a discord, I dont even play and I can see these events are so bad I feel sorry for people commited to this region, it would be a healthier, more rewarding, more ethical and much cheaper to develop an addiction to ketamine

Although it is nice to see oasis giving out itachi cs so easily less than a month after adding him to the game, 80 frags for 2nd place pack from slot machine? Not only is this oasis declaring him to be a lesser ninja than the entirely useless black zetsu and deidara rinne who is good for 1 stage in infinite illusion and literally nothing else but it also diminishes any exclusivity or rarity which were the only reasons anyone would want a version worse than edo in the first place, spitting in the faces of the whales while also removing any and all incentive for them to pursue recharge releases in the future, only oasis can have business and marketing strategies this big brain. I knew he was a bad character only *n out of proportion because it's itachi but anyone who paid for him, I hope you used paypal, you can still refund

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