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Why do I have to wait 30min queues just to face some chode with BT ss shisui and p2w ninja in arena. Every time I think I make some progress then I lose it again. I take 1 step forward and then 3 steps back. This game mode should be the most fair opportunity for f2p to earn coupons cause its the ticket to zenith. Instead it wastes your time. 59 points is way too much. Negative points should cap at -1.

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Agreed with the last part. Lots of peoples (including me) lost interest in ranked arena, thanks to the whale teams.... The negative cap would help a little, atleast....

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There are f2p teams that can compete with at least some of the whale teams, but also you have to be strategic: if u keep meeting ppl you can't beat it's better to stop and go back later, or on another day.

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