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Pain tendo nerfed


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Hello can anyone confirm if pain tendo has been nerfed?

I used the same team for trial of heart that I have been using since recruiting him and should be getting a higher score than before since now 2 of the characters in my team are 4 star and fully awakened and I gained an ok amount of power from this fuku but he seems to have beenseverely weakened.

Cd reduction seems to have been nerfed. Even when I did some attempts with kakuzu earth grudge or konan swimsuit which in combination with the debuffs from the ai he got a minimum of 5 attacks per round but in dozens of 9 to 10-round attempts he reduced his cd just twice.

His multiple mysteries in a round also appear to now be bugged. This applies to both mysteries.

If I trigger the non prompt laser and he then gets hit with sleep,ignition instead of using the mystery he just does a standard attack.

If I trigger the prompt almighty push after the laser he will just stand there, the mystery icon is above his head and he is in the pose but he wont use the mystery until the next round.

So far in these attempts with just 2-3 exceptions he has been reduced to 1 mystery per round

He appears to be both nerfed and bugged, despite my team having more power than previous weeks my damage has almost been cut in half to be precise I maxed out at just 53% of the amount of damage I have been dealing in previous weeks

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As far as we are aware there is not bug nor nerf of these natures with 6p Pain. It is more likely you are suffering from a combination of three things:
1) Bad rng resulting in lower than normal resets. A single run isn't really a good sample size to determine how likely something is to occur. We'd need to do a hundred or more runs to be certain about the proc chances, and with the time that ii takes, this isn't really feasible. You may have also gotten extremely lucky on your previous run, so now you're seeing the high end and low end of the spectrum, which creates a big difference.
2) Power gain isn't as much as you might think. ii stats are based on the stats of the strongest player in your server. This means that if the strongest player's rate of growth significantly outpaces your own, you can actually do worse in ii as time wears on.
3) Lag. The mystery issue you are describing definitely sounds like lag. This can be mitigated by playing the trials in x1 speed and by ensuring you avoid certain ninjas, as well as making certain you do not interfere with the miniclient's processes.

However, it is possible the ninja has become bugged. If you can record a video of your trial with these issues, we can take a look at it for you.

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