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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 484 Lightning Main


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Hey guys!


Round 1: You can do your Kakuzu's mystery after the enemy Itachi.

Round 2: You will get interrupted and lose your chakra anyway so just let your passive clones mysteries and Obito's passive do their work

Round 3: If the Itachis are dead you c*e your mysteries here, focus on the puppets to slowly kill them

Finish the puppets

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The game has many different types of platforms in it which makes it very interesting and challenging at the same time. There are also many different kinds of obstacles such as *, lasers, spikes and many more. If you get stuck somewhere, then there is an exit *on at the bottom right corner which will take you out of trouble. I will read top resume review now. This feature makes Ninja Exam 484 Lightning Main a very unique game because it lets players feel like they are playing a real arcade game with real controls but on their mobile devices instead of sitting in front of a big console or TV screen playing just like they would do in real life!

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