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[ Events ] Events week 4 august


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guys here you c*ready see the new events for this week , looks decent!

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Not that it wasnt already evident but there was no 6th anniversary, quite literally zip and now the long awaited fuku comes to offer you 1 boring a** character to make the game even more tedious and laggy than it already is


"Weekly strong Ninja Itachi uchiha [curse mark two]" intredasting oasis

shinobi wheel with 2 characters both of which are entirely useless and 1 of whom remains broken yet still carries an inexplicable price tag

great plates with the same atrocious "rewads" as it has had about the past 10 times, a pack so bad I didnt even bother to open them before I stopped playing.

60k fuku with just 1 thing of note. Oro gnw, a broken, game lagging, cheap character, be prepared for the inescapable lag thanks to oasis genius level iq decision to instead of fixing anything at all or release any of the mountain of old stuff we sitll miss they decide to oversaturate the game with another broken client destroying character. Even though they shot themselves in the foot by rushing shisui since now there is nothing they can offer that will dethrone shisui and encourage the people with the fattest wallets to spend since they have in effect completed the game by having his breaks.

tl:dr: There's a fuku if you want oro gnw, if you have him or dont want him there is no reason to log in during the next cycle

Good luck to you all, with how deep oasis reach into their own bowels to deliver such a steaming pile each and every week you are gonna need luck

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